Make a Noise FX (Color FX) from any DJ mixer in Ableton Live

Noise FX is an effect that is controlled from the Filter, Filter FX or Color FX parameter, depending on the manufacturer of the DJ deck or controller. This effect is often used to create transitions in the mix, for example, during the build up part before the Drop, or at specific moments during the mix between tracks, to generate tension with the noise.

If we analyze the Noise FX, it is a combination of a white noise and two filters depending on the direction where we turn the knob, turning right becomes a high-pass filter, and turning left becomes a low-pass. Also, if the knob or potentiometer is just facing up, the effect is deactivated, just like any other effect assignable to the Filter knob.

In this video we recreate the Noise FX using an effect rack to generate the noise and the same technique we used in the video on how to create the DJ Filter.