Sound Design

We explore the fundamentals of synthesis and immerse in the fascinating world of sound design, addressing various types of sounds. Practical tips and tricks that will allow you to sculpt unique and expressive sound textures.

Make a Noise FX (Color FX) from any DJ mixer in Ableton Live

Pads with Wavetable

Synthesis: making a kick, snare and hihat using Operator

Making a 808 with Kilohearts Phase Plant

Reese bass with Operator

Make your own distorted Vocal Chops in Ableton

Riser with Operator

808 bass with Operator

Production tips

Tips and tricks to improve your workflow in the studio, into production and mixing levels.

Production resources to finish your projects

Vocal chain process

Vocal mixing and processing (lead and back)

How to treat your home studio room

Introduction to Ableton Live Lite

Guide to start making rhythms (multigenre)


DJ tips, tricks and techniques for mixing, use of the functions of different software and hardware, resources, features and tips to DJ at 100%.

Customize a MIDI mapping in Serato DJ

Make your own Scratch and Freestyle track with this Oldschool technique

Edit the Beat Grid in Serato DJ

Build a Red Bull 3Style routine

Turntable needle calibration

Customize your Serato DJ Sampler

Mixing multigenre tracks