Private Classes
DJing & Music Production

Online or on-site lessons in my studio

Your setup doesn't matter, your level either

What can I learn?


- Serato, Traktor, Rekordbox, Virtual DJ
- Track and playlist preparation
- Tempo, bars and half time
- Beatmaching and tips to sync
- Mixing with vinyl
- CUES, Loops and Samples
- Pitch Play / Tone Play
- Harmonic Mixing
- Multigenre Mixing
- EQ, Effects and Filters
- Use and creation of Edits
- Turntablism: Beatjuggling and Scratch

DJ Private lessons

We have a shared folder with docs, manuals and educational knowledge and you can share your work, exercises and examples.
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- Ableton Live 11 Suite
- Layout, workflow and shortcuts
- Instruments, effects and racks
- Creation process
- Composition tips and tools
- Oscillators, ADSR & LFO
- Layering, macros and patches
- Synthesis and sound design
- Vocal recording and processing
- Parallel processing and dynamics
- Mix, EQ, sends and buses
- Mastering: step by step

Music Production Lessons

We have a shared folder with docs, manuals and educational knowledge and you can share your work, exercises and examples.
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How it works

Online / On-site*

Online: student shares screen, audio and webcam

On-site: in my studio in Barcelona

*To choose

Classes length and price

Each class is 1 hour session.

Price is 20€ per class. There are discounts of a 5 class pack or 10 class pack. Check all prices*

*Payments must be done before to start. It's allowed to pay using credit card or Paypal.

How many?

It depends. You can make a specific class or you can take as many as you wish depending of what different topics you want to learn.

Write me in the form below and I'll make a class plan for you.


I send a meeting invite link 24 hours before the class time. It requires good Internet connection and headphones.


  • HQ audio
  • Multicam into different devices
  • Remote Control
  • Ability to record the class

During the first contact I’ll ask some things about you in order to adapt all lessons to your needs.

You need to notify at least 24 hours in advance in case to impossibility of doing the class to reschedule it. Otherwise, the class will be considered as done and the session will not be rewarded.

We use my studio so you have the availability to practise everything we have seen.


  • Acoustic treated studio
  • HQ monitoring
  • Analog synthesis and sound design
  • Analog EQ & Dynamics
  • Vocal recording
  • DJ booth with turntables

The shared folder is unique for each student who will have read and write permission. We will use it to share documents, exercices, examples or entire projects.

Each pack has its expiration time in the price section. The value of classes not taken outside that period will not be returned either will not be accumulated.

¿Looking for something specific?

Contact me and tell me how I can help you


1 Class

1 session = 1 hour
  • Online or on-site
  • Class planning

5 Class Pack

5 sessions = 5 hours
90 10% discount
  • Online or on-site
  • Lessons planning
  • Shared folder

10 Class Pack

10 sessions = 10 hours
170 15% discount
  • Online or on-site
  • Lessons planning
  • Shared folder
  • +1 FREE additional hour to use my studio


  • HEDD Type07

  • iMAC Pro

  • SSL 2+

  • Moog Sub 37

  • Korg Volca Bass

  • Novation Impulse 49

  • Ableton Push 2

  • Rode NT1A

  • Ableton Live 11 Suite

  • Kilohearts Phase Plant

  • Xfer Serum

  • Technics 1200 MK5

  • Shure M-447

  • Pioneer DJM-S9

  • Sennheiser HD25

  • Serato DJ Pro


About me

Marc Moncasi gaya

Audiovisual Engineer

Audiovisual Engineer. After 10 years working in the IT support and computer systems, I decided to launch my own career as DJ and Producer under the name Monka. I studied electronic music production at EUMES (Girona) and have been working professionally to my DJ and Production project since more than 5 years. 

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